Everything Trouble Shooting and Build Tips

Useful Trouble Shooting and Build Tips

1. Touch the Cap with an audio probe when tracing
2. How to Lay out and populate a Vero Board
3.How to build a pedal start to finish
4. How to wire a pedal
5.  How to MOD for awesome tone (Wampler MODS)
6. Really Awesome Reading for Pedal Builders
7.  The Stomp Box Cookbook
8. Tutorials on how to make your pedal cleaner inside
9.  Capacitor Code Calculator
10. Capacitor Conversion Chart
11. How to use a Multimeter
12. Debugging Made Easy
13. Blackout Electronics
14. Pot Switcher Numbering Guide
15. How to Lay out a Strip-Board
16. The Vero Layout Guide
17. Light Emitting Diode Guide
18. Electronics Tutorials Website
19. How to Debug a Pedal by making an audio probe
20. Guitar Effects Debugging Page
21. The Guitar Effects Oriented Webpage
22. Tone Capacitors for Stratocasters
23. Effects Database (Awesome Source for Videos of DIY)
24. Total Build site to get Schematics and all kinds of information
25. EEVblog #180 - Soldering Tutorial Part 1 - Tools
26. EEVblog #180 - Soldering Tutorial PART 2
27. EEVblog #186 - Soldering Tutorial Part 3 - Surface Mount
28. Capacitor Voltage Rating for Guitar Pedal Circuits
29. Fault Diagnosing: Measuring Voltages
30. Analog Engineer Pocket Reference
31.  How to read a schematic (Schematic to Reality)
32.  Tweaking either a 1 meg pot to a 500k and a 500k to 250k
33. Calculator to convert Capacitors
34. DIY Frequently Asked Questions (Worth the Read)
35. Kit’s Secret Guitar, Gear, and Music Page
36. DIY Layout Creator/
37. Resistor Color Codes (It will figure it out for you)
38. From Schematic to Project Tutorial
39. Easy Cool MODS
40. A Beginners Guide to Effects Pedals
41. Resistor Color Codes (really cool) 

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